Guy Hit By Car Doing #InMyFeelings Challenge Appears On Kimmel

Guy Hit By Car Doing #InMyFeelings Challenge Appears On Kimmel

Right now, Drake has the #1 song in the country, and he has it with a song that hasn’t even been officially released as a single. “In My Feelings,” the bounce-influenced deep cut from Drake’s new album Scorpion, has taken off thanks to the #InMyFeelings Challenge — the viral phenomenon in which people, from everyday schmucks to Will Smith, dance in public to the song. And enough people have been jumping out of moving cars to film their own videos that the National Transportation Safety Board has issued a warning.

One of the reasons for that warning is a viral Instagram clip from Florida man Jaylen Norwood. Norwood was captured getting run over by a car while doing the dance. The accident was a planned stunt that went wrong, and Norwood got hit full-on in the face by a bumper. Apparently, though, he was OK! And last night, Norwood appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about what the hell happened.

Here’s Norwood on what the hell happened: “The plan was he was supposed to come slow towards me, and I was going to jump on the hood and continue dancing. It went left.” Here’s Norwood on his little brother, the kid who can be heard laughing in the video: “He didn’t even know if I was alive anymore! He laughed the minute the car hit my face!” Here’s Norwood on his own health: “I played basketball the next day. I’m fine.” Kimmel, naturally, had a lot of fun with all of this. Here’s the video:

And here’s the Instagram clip that made Norwood famous:

Seriously, though. Don’t do that.

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