Watch A$AP Rocky Talk Mumble Rap, His Arts Collective, & His New Sneakers On The Daily Show

A$AP Rocky has been on a whole lot of late-night talk shows, but as far as I know, he’s only been on there as a performer. Last night on The Daily Show, Rocky got a chance to sit down and actually talk. He wore… I guess it was a bonnet? I mean, it was a yellow bandana, but he tied it like a bonnet? And Trevor Noah didn’t even comment on it? You could not wear a damn bonnet on the old Daily Show without Jon Stewart at least saying something.

Rocky and Trevor Noah talked about rap a bit, which was interesting. Rocky said that he put out his recent album Testing into a crowded rap marketplace because he wanted it to compete directly with all the other big stars’ albums. He also talked about how rap regionalism has changed into “one big melting pot” and clarified that he likes some mumble-rappers but that the whole mumble-rap sound has gotten “oversaturated.” He’s not wrong!

But Rocky seemed the be there mostly to talk about his myserious new collective Awge, which he described, vaguely enough, as “a collective of young creatives, from artists to musical artists… being ahead of the curve and raising the bar.” Here’s how he laid out his whole philosophy: “Your sound should match your outfit. Your outfit should match your video. Your video should match your girlfriend, you know? Everything is aesthetic, man.” And he ended the interview by gifting Noah with a pair of the new sneakers that he’ll apparently be putting out next month. Watch the interview below.

Testing is out now on RCA.