New Cassettes Won’t Listen Video – “Freeze And Explode”

NY-based producer and multi-instrumental man Jason Drake aka Cassettes Won’t Listen dropped a treat on us with the (still freely downloadable) One Alternative EP, putting his laptop to work on covers of Pavement, Liz Phair, and Sebadoh. That’s a good way to grab some attention — that and good remixes — and CWL’s parlaying his momentum into a release of some new original material, starting off with “Freeze And Explode.” Turns out that while standing behind others’ works, Jason’s been hiding a sweet, Barsuk-y voice and a deep appreciation for Anchorman. The bittersweet keyboard pop of “Freeze And Explode” doesn’t immediately recall Ron Burgundy and the KVWN Channel Four News Team, but the mustaches and Jason’s multi-role performance definitely does.

I love that video. I also love lamp. You’ll find “Freeze And Explode” on an extended single with this tracklist:

01 “Freeze and Explode”
02 “Another One”
03 “The Last Parachute in Sight”
04 “Freeze And Explode (J Vegus remix)”
05 “Freeze And Explode (Maker remix)”
06 “Freeze And Explode (Instrumental)”

Grab the “Freeze And Explode (Philadelphyinz Remix)” at RCRD LBL, and hear more at his site and MySpace.