Watch Pearl Jam Cover The White Stripes

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

Watch Pearl Jam Cover The White Stripes

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

Pearl Jam played a hometown show at Seattle’s Safeco Field last night, and as usual their set was speckled with covers. One of them found Eddie Vedder channeling another musician who’s been famously seen in Chicago Cubs gear, Jack White.

Performing solo with an acoustic guitar, Vedder performed the White Stripes’ twee classic “We’re Going To Be Friends” from 2002’s White Blood Cells. The song is back-to-school themed, and Vedder dedicated it to the teachers who’ve helped to change the lives of Pearl Jam’s kids. “Between the fellas in the band we have 10 kids between us,” he explained, continuing:

There’s one part of the community and one job in particular that deserves so much more notoriety than they receive. There are those who teach our children and teach them well. We’ve had the opportunity, we’re very blessed to have had some teachers that changed our kids’ lives.

I met Kurt Vonnegut years ago in Seattle, and that night when he spoke, he asked everybody in the crowd that had one teacher that completely changed their life and put them on a path that they still follow to this day and they still thought about what that teacher taught ‘em, he asked everybody in the crowd to raise their hand if they had that one teacher. So I’m going to ask you tonight, if you had one teacher that changed your life… see, that’s just about every-fucking-body. That’s how important it is.

And we have two special teachers that my kids brought tonight that I wanted to allow them some notoriety and some applause and some recognition from their fine group of neighbors here in Seattle. And I’d like to play this for them, borrowed from my friend Jack.

When all was said and done, Vedder called out, “Let’s hear it for Seattle’s teachers!” Watch his introductory speech and the cover in the first video below, or just skip straight to the music by watching the second video.

According to, other covers on the night included Neil Young’s “Throw Your Hatred Down,” part of the Beatles’ “Help!” (again leading into “Help Help”), Little Steven’s “I Am A Patriot,” Brandi Carlile’s “Again Today” (with Brandi Carlile), Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb,” the Beatles’ “I’ve Got A Feeling,” and, of course, Neil Young’s “Rockin’ In The Free World.” The band headlines Safeco Field again this Friday.

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