LSD (Sia, Diplo, Labrinth) – “Thunderclouds”

There’s a new pop supergroup in town! Producer Diplo recently teamed up with singers Sia and Labrinth to form the trio LSD, which is both a smart thing and an obvious thing to call this particular project. We’ve posted their first two singles, “Audio” and “Genius,” and now they’ve come out with a third one called “Thunderclouds.”

The new track is based on the guitar progression that dominated late-’50s and early-’60s pop — you know the one — so that ends a nice classicist feeling to a track that might otherwise be too bright and digital. And considering that this is a group comprised of one rising star and two actual stars, it’s cool to hear the level of on-track chemistry they’ve got on this one.

“Thunderclouds” won’t change your life or anything. But it’s a very competent piece of pop-music craftsmanship, and you can hear it below.

LSD have an album coming out later in the year on Columbia, and they’re already 75% of the way to an EP.

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