The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Aphex Twin came back with a new song and video this week, and that’s great. But the video turns out to be a glitchy mapped-out computer-brain thing, and it doesn’t have any terrifying scenes of anyone wearing a creepy Richard D. James face, so it’s not on this list. Instead, this week’s picks are below.

5. Drake – “In My Feelings” (Dir. Karena Evans)

It’s the weakest of this year’s Drake Video Events, and yet it’s still a lot of fun, mostly because of Drake’s performatively bemused reaction to the dance craze that he didn’t mean to help start.

4. Travis Scott – “Stop Trying To Be God” (Feat. James Blake) (Dir. Dave Meyers)

I wasn’t sure about this one until Travis Scott was riding on a fire-breathing flying sheep as it destroyed a city. Then, I was sure.

3. Tyler, The Creator – “See You Again” (Feat. Kanli Uchis) (Dir. Wolf Haley)

This one is perhaps best enjoyed if you think of it as Tyler doing his version of the first 15 minutes of The Master. I also like that he still wears a bucket hat when he’s a ghost.

2. DRAM – “Best Hugs” (Dir. Sam Hibbard)

Big Baby DRAM is such a force of positivity that he can feel at home even at a skeezed-out swingers’ party. We should all aim to be this comfortable in our own skins at all times.

1. Sevdaliza – “Shahmaran” (Dir. Emmanuel Adjei)

An absolutely stunning and poignant visual metaphor that ranks among the best things I’ve seen all year. Shout out, once again, to the people who comment on this section and who point out amazing things that I might’ve never otherwise seen.

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