Watch Ariana Grande & James Corden Do Titanic As A Jukebox Musical

You guys all like Ariana Grande, right? How about Broadway-style jukebox musicals? And the movie Titanic? And James Corden? Right. These are all clearly things that all people love, without reservation or controversy. Let’s just take that as a given and keep it moving.

On last night’s episode of Corden’s Late Late Show, he and Grande attempted to pull off a huge theater-kid stunt. They did their best to tell the entire story of Titanic, with Grande as Kate Winslet and Corden as Leonardo DiCaprio, entirely through the medium of popular song. There’s no dialog. Instead, they sing whatever songs supposedly go along with the scene. So: Nelly’s “Ride Wit Me” when they’re fucking in the back of the car. “Ice Ice Baby” when they see the iceberg. “Never Gonna Give You Up” when Grande is floating on the door and Corden is in the water. They did this whole thing on some pretty elaborate-for-late-night sets, without making any mistakes, with Grande only breaking to smile a couple of times. And obviously it all let up to a duet on “My Heart Will Go On.”

We could be watching the final stages of Grande making the final push to become the new Justin Timberlake. She’s famous and charming and talented enough to do whatever goofy comedy bullshit the late-night hosts of America throw at her, and she’s game enough to go along with it, for now. She’s apparently not yet too famous to say no to this stuff. It won’t keep on like this forever. Watch it below.

Grande’s new album Sweetener is out 8/17 on Republic.