Richard Reed Parry – “Song Of Wood”

Richard Reed Parry – “Song Of Wood”

Arcade Fire member Richard Reed Parry is releasing two new albums over the next year, Quiet River Of Dust Vol. 1 and Quiet River Of Dust Vol. 2. The first of those is coming out next month, while the latter is due out on the 2019 spring equinox, and we’ve already heard two songs from the former, “Sai No Kawara (River Of Death)” and “On The Ground.”

Parry recently shared another new track from it, “Song Of Wood.” Here’s what he told The Fader about it:

‘Song Of Wood’ started in Montreal on my porch in the rain, with a little loop from an iPhone 4 synthesizer app that doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I started writing something that I thought was going to be a folk-style “riddle” song: ‘Gave my love a cherry that had no stone / Gave my love a chicken that had no bone’ but it turned into something else. I finished it in upstate New York when my friend Caroline Shaw sang a bunch of very magical layers of vocals. There’s a quiet moment close to the end that I really like, when you can hear a lot of cicadas that I recorded in a forest in Kyoto, Japan, with Andrew Barr gently playing pieces of driftwood.

Listen to it below.

Quiet River Of Dust Vol. 1 is out 9/21 via Anti-. Pre-order it here.

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