Steady Holiday – “Mothers” Video

Dre Babinski uses the name Steady Holiday to record dreamy, atmospheric pop songs with just a hint of menace. Next week, she’s following up her 2016 debut Under The Influence with a new one called Nobody’s Watching, and we’ve already heard two songs from it, the title track and “Who’s Gonna Stop Us.” Today, we’re getting another, the sultry, bewitching “Mothers.”

Inspired partly by the current political climate, Nobody’s Watching is a pseudo-concept album about bad people. Its narrators are largely crooks and connivers motivated by greed and self-preservation and self-interest, and the narrator of “Mothers,” a meditation on the selfish side of philanthropy, is no exception. “The camera’s off/ No one will see my act of charity/ I’ll share the awning but what’s in it for me?” Babinski sings as “the storm of the century” bears down. “I’ll do you anything you ask me to/ As long as there is proof that I can claim and attach it to my name.”

“Some have a hard time distinguishing compassion from the slippery slope of altruism. This character is one of them, hesitant to ‘give an inch..’ anticipating what will be asked of her next,” Babinski explains in a press release. “Maybe it’s more convenient to keep the door locked next time.” The video — directed by Isaac Ravishankara, who also helmed the “Who’s Gonna Stop Us” video — matches the song’s noirish, beguiling atmosphere, and you can watch and listen below.

Nobody’s Watching is out 8/24 via Barsuk Records. Pre-order it here.