Hear Ryan Adams’ “20th Call Of The Day” From The Juliet, Naked Soundtrack

In the new movie Juliet, Naked, a romantic comedy adapted from a Nick Hornby novel, Ethan Hawke plays Tucker Crowe, a reclusive and unheralded songwriter who suddenly returns to the world. Rose Byrne is the woman he falls in love with, and Chris O’Dowd is her Tucker Crowe-obsessed ex. It’s supposed to be pretty good! And one of the good things about it is the music.

Tucker Crowe has to have songs, of course, and the Juliet, Naked soundtrack features Ethan Hawke singing original songs written by people like Ryan Adams, Conor Oberst, M. Ward, and Robyn Hitchcock — all smart choices for the character that Hawke plays. We’ve already posted Hawke’s version of Oberst’s song “LAX,” as well as Oberst’s haunted voice-and-piano demo for the song. And now the whole soundtrack, featuring both the artists’ demos and Hawke’s versions of those songs, is out.

So that means we get new songs from Adams and Ward and Hitchcock, and we also get to hear one of his generation’s greatest actors singing those songs. And the Hawke versions sound not totally unlike the songs that Hawke sang in Reality Bites, when his character was the singer of a fictional band called Hey, That’s My Bike! It’s a pretty fascinating little exercise, and you can stream the whole album below.

The Juliet, Naked soundtrack is out now, and so is the movie.