Watch Ariana Grande’s Last Supper-Themed “God Is A Woman” Performance At The VMAs

Ariana Grande, the face of pop-culture in 2018, performed tonight at the MTV Video Music Awards. This performance follows a busy few months for Grande. She just released her infectious new album Sweetener and previously announced her hasty engagement to Pete Davidson, whose full name is the title of the album’s penultimate track. Needless to say, Grande has been nearly inescapable this year (my thoughts and prayers go out to Davidson’s ex). Tonight, she performed stand-out Sweetener single “God Is A Woman.”

Grande’s brother Frankie told Variety she recruited 47 backup dancers for her performance tonight. I wasn’t able to count, but that seems about right! They participated in a sensual Last Supper scene. At the end, Grande’s mom, aunt, and grandma joined them onstage. Watch the performance below.

Here’s a nice picture of Grande and Davidson loving each other on the red carpet.

CREDIT: Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Back in 2016, Grande performed ““Side To Side” with Nicki Minaj at the MTV Video Music Awards.