Watch Chance The Rapper Play A Pizza-Delivery Werewolf In The Slice Trailer

Thus far, Chance The Rapper hasn’t had too much of an acting career. He hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live and did pretty well. He played Bob Marley on an episode of the Adult Swim cartoon Black Dynamite. He starred as a suicidal wage slave in the short film Mr. Happy. And up until now, that’s pretty much been it. But soon, Chance will make his big-screen debut. And today, we get our first look at it.

As previously reported, Chance is one of the stars of Slice, which appears to be a black comedy about the mysterious and violent paranormal goings-on at a pizza parlor. Chance reportedly plays Dax Lycander, a pizza delivery driver who is also a werewolf. Today, as Pitchfork points out, A24 shared the Slice trailer, and Chance clearly isn’t the focus of the movie, but he’s in there.

Chance is part of what looks like a great ensemble cast. Zazie Beatz, from Atlanta and Deadpool 2 is the star, and she’s been great in everything thus far. Hannibal Buress, Paul Scheer, and Joe Keery from Stranger Things are in there, too. The director is Austin Vesely, the man behind many of Chance’s music videos. It looks pretty good! Watch the trailer below.

Slice is coming out later this year.