Geotic – “Gondolier”

Geotic is another alter ego Will Wiesenfeld uses when not teaming up with Morgan Greenwood as Baths. Today he releases a new song under that moniker called “Gondolier.” It’s a good one too, a moody low-key electronic pop production that reminds me of Drake’s “Passionfruit” reimagined as a Postal Service song.

Wiesenfeld has been promising “big music news” this month, and the month is almost over, so presumably “Gondolier” is part of some larger new Geotic release. Honestly, though, the song is news enough in and of itself.

UPDATE: So yeah, “Gondolier” is the lead single from a new Geotic album called Traversa. It’s out in October, and Wiesenfeld has this to say about it:

The whole inspiration of this record is borne of that feeling when travel is good and you can let your brain go where it wants to. From the very beginning, music was more transportive for me than anything else. In all forms of media, I’m constantly gravitating towards things that allow me to feel something different from my day-to-day life.

Hear “Gondolier” below, where you can also find more details on the album.

01 “Knapsack”
02 “Swiss Bicycle”
03 “Harbor Drive”
04 “Aerostat”
05 “Town Square”
06 “Terraformer”
07 “Gondolier”
08 “Maglev”

Traversa is out 10/19 on Ghostly (and 10/17 on Tugboat in Japan). Pre-order it here.

CREDIT: Mario Luna
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