Stream Thou’s New Album Magus

Thou have been keeping themselves busy. The Louisiana doom metal destroyers have released three EPs this summer on three different labels. All those EPs are, more or less, the same length as plenty of albums, and all of them focus on different aspects of the band’s sound. The House Primordial was a deep wallow in scuzzed-out noise. Inconsolable was bleak, atmospheric, and mostly acoustic. Rhea Sylvia explored the band’s lurching, guttural take on early-’90s grunge. And it’s all led up to the release, next week, of the new full-on album Magus.

Magus is a monster. It’s the band’s long-awaited follow-up to the grim and all-consuming 2014 masterwork Heathen, and the idea behind it was that it would pull together all the threads explored on those different EPs. I’m delighted to report that it lives up to both its predecessor and its central idea. Magus is 75 minutes of growling, seething, commanding murk, and it’s a total must-hear if you’re at all into this slow, grimy form of metal.

We’ve already posted the early single “The Changeling Prince.” But now you can fully immerse yourself in the mud. The full album is streaming at NPR, and you can hear it here.

UPDATE: Magus is out now on all platforms. Stream it below.

Magus is out 8/31 on Sacred Bones.

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