King Krule – “Biscuit Town” Video

Last year, Archy Marshall released a new King Krule album, The Ooz, and today he’s releasing a music video in partnership with WeTransfer that was directed by his frequent collaborators Michael and Paraic Morrissey. The video is for The Ooz’s “Biscuit Town,” and it stars Marshall as a sadsack drunk in a miniature city that feels capable of swallowing one whole.

Marshall mumble-sings to the camera in between sips of liquor and beer, shuffling between his apartment and a bar as the city degrades around him. It’s seedy and stylish, pulling from film noir. “What we wanted originally was for Biscuit Town to be this town where you could have gone to hideout as a criminal in a hotel room,” Paraic Morrissey said in an interview. The video also references the Morrissey brother’s previous video for King Krule’s “Rock Bottom.”

Watch below.

The Ooz is out now via True Panther (US) / XL (UK).