Stream Diztort’s New EP Hell Is…

A few months ago, I watched the Huntington Beach, California band Diztort play a late-night set at the Washington, DC hardcore festival Damaged City, and they totally crushed. Diztort play a form of proudly knuckleheaded tough-guy hardcore that we don’t often hear anymore. All the members of the band wore Diztort shirts when they played, like it was a uniform, and their singer reminded me of Mark Wahlberg. They looked like tough guys, and they play like it, too.

Diztort released a demo last year, and today, they follow it up with a new EP called Hell Is…, which does a lovely job translating that mosh-it-up live show into recorded music. Diztort play big, thundering riffs, and they do heavy group-grunt choruses. Sometimes, they play metallic guitar solos. They play slower than most hardcore songs, and their songs are longer. They want you to bang your head to them, and they make it worth your while. Stream the EP below.

The Hell Is… EP is out now on Advanced Perspective.

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