Stream Troye Sivan’s New Album Bloom

Look, there’s no nice way to say this: Eminem released a surprise album last night. I know. We’re all going to have to deal. It’s just a thing that’s happened. So right now, all the air in the room is being sucked up by an angry aging techincal-rap virtuoso. But Kamikaze is pretty obviously not the best new album that’s out in world today. The actual best album is up for debate, but for the sake of argument, let’s say that it’s Bloom, the new album from Australian pop upstart Troye Sivan.

Bloom, our current reigning Album Of The Week, is a thoughtful, sensitive, beautifully assembled pop record about living as a young gay man. It’s full of big, sweeping hooks, but it’s quieter than most mainstream pop albums, more concerned with craftsmanship and mood. The album includes production from people like Ariel Rechtshaid and Jam City as well as the usual Swedish-professional types. Ariana Grande and the Australian singer-songwriter Gordi make guest appearances.

We were late on this one, but we’ve posted early tracks like the Ariana Grande collab “Dance To This” and the simply gorgeous album closer “Animal.” And now that the album is out in the world, you can stream the whole thing below.

Bloom is out now on Capitol/EMI Australia.

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