Eminem – “Fall” (Feat. Justin Vernon) Video

The most surprising thing about Kamikaze, the surprise album that Eminem released on Friday, might be the involvement of Bon Iver mastermind Justin Vernon, who sings the honestly gorgeous hook on “Fall,” the same song where Em directs a homophobic slur at Tyler, The Creator and threatens to “fuck Pitchfork with a corkscrew.” That song apparently surprised Vernon, as well. On Twitter, Vernon distanced himself from the song, claiming that he wasn’t with Em in the studio and that he asked him to change the song. He also tweeted, “we are gonna kill this track.” Well, the track hasn’t been killed, though the slur has now been edited out of the streaming services’ version of the album. And now the song has a video. Vernon isn’t in it.

The “Fall” video is a supremely goofy mini-horror movie. It opens with Em stressing about how badly everyone hated Revival, his last album. And then, for most of the video, he’s chased by some kid of mysterious social-media monster that emerges from an iPAd. It stalks Em all through the album as Em crashes through empty streets and offices.

In the end, the whole video may or may not be a tie-in with the new off-brand Marvel movie Venom, which has an Eminem song on the soundtrack. Also of note: Em’s beard isn’t looking any better. Watch the video below.

Kamikaze is out now on Shady/Aftermat/Interscope.