Frontperson – “Young Love” Video

Frontperson – “Young Love” Video

“Young Love” is the latest from Frontperson, the new indie folk project made up of New Pornographers’ Kathryn Calder and Woodpigeon’s Mark Andrew.

The new song follows “Tick-Tock (Frontrunner),” the lead single and quasi title track from the duo’s upcoming debut, Frontrunner. Equally as gentle, “Young Love” is a honey-sweet tune about the jittery excitement of a new crush, or an old one. Calder’s delicate voice flutters high over warm acoustic strumming as she sings in the chorus, “Through heartache and sorrow/ Through darkness and shadow/ Don’t worry about the sunset.”

In an email, Calder explains:

‘Young Love’ was one of the last things we finished. It was kind of tricky to get right because it is a delicate song. Lyrically, I was trying to capture the feeling of meeting someone and those first days when everything is kind of unsettled but yet you also know it’s the right thing. I remember the final glue to the song – when it felt like we had figured it out – was when Mark and I played our guitars together into one microphone, inspired by an early Leonard Cohen kind of sound. There was something kind of lo-fi about playing the song that way that really worked.

Plus, it arrives with some romantic visuals that are just as charming. The video — directed by and starring Lorenz Tröbinger — features hazy, stop-motion clips of Tröbinger and his boyfriend. It has all the makings of a cinematic, budding relationship — climbing through trees, playing footsie, and frolicking through the grass.

Some background from Tröbinger:

The film is about me and my boyfriend James in London and our relationship that we decided to end when I left the city. About the sadness that came with knowing that the other person would soon be far away (we shot the video a week before I left) but at the same time about the beauty of making the most of the time we had together and separating on the best of terms — Knowing that we would always have a very special friend in the other one.

It’s a song that’s just as lovely and sweet as its title. Listen and watch below.

Frontrunner is out 9/21 on Calder’s own label Oscar St. Records. You can pre-order it here.

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