Bad Moves – “Crushed Out” Video

Bad Moves – “Crushed Out” Video

Later this month, Bad Moves are releasing their debut album, Tell No One. We’ve already heard a handful of tracks from the Washington, DC-based band’s upcoming release, including the excellent “Spirit FM,” and today they’re sharing another new track, “Crushed Out.” It’s a super catchy song about those adolescent queer crushes that are all-consuming but also a little unknowable, blurring the lines between friendship and infatuation and whatever the hell is going on in your pubescent body. “Did it seem so obvious?” the band members sing in a round, reflecting on their own experiences.

Here’s how the band frames the track:

“Crushed Out” is about that queer crush you had on your best friend in middle school — the one you couldn’t identify at the time, but which in retrospect is so glaringly obvious that you start to think, “Was it obvious to everyone else, too?”

There was a nice bit of collaborative process for us with this song. David brought a draft to the band at a time when Katie was reflecting back on her queer identity and closeted youth (a theme that’s explored elsewhere on the record in songs like “Spirit FM”). The idea of the song tracked directly with her own memories from adolescence — being totally, cluelessly crushed out on her best friend, not recognizing their relationship for what it was — so she and David incorporated her experience into future drafts of the lyrics.

We were excited to collaborate with Clyde Petersen on this video and had a lot of fun cosplaying as teenagers. Clyde really captured the spirit of teenage awkwardness that is central to so many of our formative crushes.

Watch and listen below.

Tell No One is out 9/21 via Don Giovanni Records. Pre-order it here.

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