Dizzee Rascal – “Money Right” (Feat. Skepta)

Dizzee Rascal and Skepta are barely in their mid-thirties, but they’ve both been staples of the UK’s grime scene for upwards of 15 years. They were there when the whole thing started, when it was just London teenagers rapping frantically over beats that they made on their PlayStations. And at various points since that first initial boom, they’ve both been UK pop stars, the standard bearers for their genre. And so it’s very cool to hear them on a song together today.

Last year, Dizzee came out with a strong album called Raskit. And now, according to The FADER, he’ll follow it up next week with a whole new EP called Don’t Gas Me. “Money Right” is the first single, and it finds Dizzee trading lines with Skepta — who, at this point, is probably his closest peer.

“Money Right” is a slow, controlled slap, and it’s got Dizzee and Skepta going in hard, showing tremendous charisma and technical chops. It’s impressive that these two can still sound this good, this long after they started. Listen to it below.

The Don’t Gas Me EP is out 9/14 on Dizzee’s Dirtee Stank label.