Watch Troye Sivan Sing “Plum” On Colbert, Hang Out With Laura Linney On Watch What Happens Live

Last week, the Australian pop singer Troye Sivan released Bloom, one of the best straight-up, down-the-middle pop albums of 2018 thus far. Since then, Sivan has been all over the promo trail. And given that Sivan is an actor as well as a singer, it’s not exactly a surprise that he knows how to be charming on demand. In the past few days, Sivan has been a guest on both Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, where he sang, and Andy Cohen’s dishy Bravo show Watch What Happens Live, where he talked.

On Colbert, Sivan sang the slinky deep cut “Plumb,” and he showed that he is good at this whole performing-on-TV thing. Sivan is one of those guys who can be sharp and practiced and choreographed but still look like he’s completely in the moment. (Miguel is another.) “Plumb” isn’t the best song on Bloom, but it’s worth watching just for the performance.

Meanwhile, on Watch What Happens Live, Sivan seemed to form an instant bond with the great actress Laura Linney, there to promote season two of the (honestly fucking great) Netflix show Ozark. On the show, Sivan played the “Plead The Fifth” game and didn’t avoid any of the questions, and he and Linney talked about their first concerts and first crushes. It’s all very nice! Watch all that stuff below.

Bloom is out now on Capitol/EMI Australia.