Moaning Lisa – “Comfortable”

Moaning Lisa, who get their name from an early Simpsons episode, are an Australian band that have been kicking around their native Canberra for a couple years, and they’ve accumulated a breadcrumb trail of densely-layered rock songs. They have an EP to their name so far, and next month they’ll put out a second EP, Do You Know Enough?, which also happens to be the band’s first official release stateside.

One of the songs on it, “Carrie (I Want A Girl),” came out earlier this year, and it’s a deliriously knotted song about queer role models: “I want a Kim, I want a Courtney/ I want a Florence, an Annie, a Syd, an Ellen…” It’s a little tongue-in-cheek, but mostly it’s achingly earnest, a song about the search for the right someone who will fit you wholly and completely.

The next track that they’re sharing from the EP, “Comfortable,” is about the flip side of that desperate partner search. As lead singer Charlotte Versegi says, it was written “during that in-between period of dating,” when you’re relishing your alone time but before any loneliness sets in.

“I like knowing I can take the long way around if the mood strikes,” she sings. “I’m comfortable sleeping alone because my bed isn’t all that big and I like not worrying about a body next to me.” The song starts off gliding and smooth, but builds to a cascading conclusion that sounds like the ringing in your head when all that time by yourself gets to be too much.

Listen below.

01 “Carrie (I Want A Girl)”
02 “Good”
03 “Lily”
04 “Comfortable”
05 “Sun”

Do You Know Enough? is out 10/19 via Hysterical Records (AU/NZ) and Father/Daughter Records (US). Pre-order it here.

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