Watch Lykke Li Sing “Sex Money Feelings Die” On Seth Meyers

Earlier this year, the Swedish pop singer Lykke Li released the somewhat hilariously titled so sad, so sexy, probably her most conventional pop album to date. One of its early singles was “Sex Money Feelings Die,” a brooding trap lament that pulls from the aesthetics of both Lana Del Rey and the Weeknd. Last night, Lykke Li was the musical guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and she picked that song to sing. Sadly, she did not sing it as “Seth Money Feelings Die.”

Lykke Li played the show with a full live band and four backup singers, and she wore a heavy leather trench coat that made her look like an X-Man. The stage was all bathed in moody red light. Lykke Li’s always been a vivid, communicative live performer, but I didn’t get a lot of that from last night’s performance. If she’s trying to reinvent herself as a down-the-middle pop star, or if her labels trying to position her that way, I wish they’d try something else.

I did get one important thing out of the performance, though, and that is the apparent right way to pronounce “Lykke.” I’ve been saying “likey” for a full decade at this point, but that’s not right. It’s more “leaky.” I must’ve heard someone correctly pronounce that name at some point over the years, but this is the first time it’s stuck. Watch the performance below.

So sad, so sexy is out now on RCA.