Tim Hecker – “Keyed Out”

Later this month, experimental drone god Tim Hecker will release his new album Konoyo. He recorded it with Tokyo Gakuso, an ensemble that plays the kind of Japanese classical music known as gaguku. We’ve already posted the early track “This Life,” and now Hecker has also shared an evocative 10-minute zone-out called “Keyed Out.”

There’s not a lot of structure to “Keyed Out” — at least, not that I can hear. Instead, it’s a total sound-bath, an immersion in hums and squeaks and thumps. If you’re the type of listener who loves getting lost in the sonic worlds that Hecker creates, get ready to get sucked in.

Of “Keyed Out,” Hecker says:

The track was written over several sessions and finished in a small temple on the outskirts of Tokyo, during one of our initial trips to record with Motonori. I wanted to resist the temptation to overload the music with layers and layers of hyper-edited texture, as if that would help the piece become more whole. The song is a lonely deteriorating synth line, refracted and isolated, played alongside a small court music ensemble on what was a crisp birdsong-filled November morning.

Here’s the track:

Konoyo is out 9/28 on Kranky.

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