David Nance Group – “In Her Kingdom”

David Nance somehow makes every song feel like an anthem. There’s a arresting believability to his vintage drawl. Last month, the rocker announced his project’s forthcoming full-length Peaced And Slightly Pulverized with the excellent lead single “Poison.” Today he’s sharing “In Her Kingdom.”

The song burns slow and earnest. Nance’s lyrics create the fantasy of a kingdom to hide a life full of cigarette butts, McDonald’s cups, and miscellaneous garbage. It’s a crushing, poetic form of self-deception. At over seven minutes long, the track weaves in a cloudy interlude. The guitars tumble into a storm. By the end, Nance never abandons the grandiose fantasy — he just starts referring to it as “her kingdom of shit.”

“It’s a tune I wrote a WHILE ago (6-7 years) that showed up on my first tape,” Nance reveals in a press release. “After jamming it with other humans for a while, the song has taken on a life of it’s own and needed to be re-documented. It’s about creating a delusion to sell yourself on a shitty situation, as flawed as that train of thought may be. But who honestly knows? I don’t.”

Listen to “In Her Kingdom” below.

Peaced And Slightly Pulverized is out 10/5 via Trouble In Mind. Pre-order it here.