Frank Ocean Reportedly Takes Legal Action Against Travis Scott Over Astroworld

Travis Scott’s massively popular Astroworld is a strange, gooey soup of an album. Individual songs switch up multiple times, as if every track is really two or three tracks mashed together. Voices, some of them belonging to very famous people, drop in and out without a whole lot of observable logic. Sounds mutate. And now one of the album’s most prominent guests is so pissed about what the album does to his voice that he’s taken legal action.

Frank Ocean appears on the Astroworld track “Carousel,” singing the chorus and the third verse. On the album, Ocean’s voice appears warped and stretched-out, as if he’s doing his take on the Young Thug flow. But the version of Ocean’s voice isn’t what he recorded. TMZ reports that Ocean has been furious for weeks about how his vocals were changed.

Ocean has reportedly been demanding that Scott remove his part from “Carousel.” Scott has not complied. And now Ocean’s lawyers have reportedly sent Scott a cease-and-desist letter. Scott reportedly still has no plans to remove Ocean’s vocals. Still, if you ever want to hear Frank Ocean on “Carousel” again, you might want to find a way to keep that one stored on your computer; the version on the streaming services might not remain the same forever.