Stream Dilly Dally’s New Album Heaven & Watch Their “Doom” Video

Today, the fiery Toronto fuzz-rockers Dilly Dally finally return with their sophomore album Heaven, the follow-up to 2015’s excellent Sore. Like its predecessor, the new one has all the evocative melodic power and blazed-up guitar histrionics of some of the best ’90s grunge. It’s an example of a band fully in control of its own sound, playing as hard as it can.

We’ve posted the early tracks “Sober Motel,” “I Feel Free,” and “Doom.” And now that the album is out, it makes for a pretty amazing soundtrack to the wet gloom that’s overtaken much of the American East Coast. If you’re trying to get away from the hurricane, it might make a great soundtrack for that, too. You can stream the album below.

Also below, check out the band’s new video for “Doom,” which Dilly Dally frontwoman Katie Monks co-directed with Trevor Blumas. The video, like the album itself, is full of sharpened versions of the kind of imagery we used to see in ’90s rock videos: Doves, fire, a flying-V guitar, a whole lot of headbanging.

Heaven is out now on Partisan.