Watch Childish Gambino Debut A New Song At MSG

A few days before launching what he’s calling the final Childish Gambino tour, Donald Glover sent two unfinished songs, “Algorhythm” and “All Night,” to people who purchased tickets, telling them, “it is important for u to be familiar with them in order to participate, and therefore fully enjoy the experience.” At the tour opener in Atlanta, he gave both of those songs their live debut. But those aren’t the only new songs Gambino is performing on this outing.

Last night at Madison Square Garden in New York, Glover told the audience, “This is some new shit I’ve been working on,” and debuted another previously unheard number. This one had the feel of an old ’80s pop-R&B song by Michael Jackson or Lionel Richie. On first pass it’s about as good a pastiche as “Redbone,” which you should read as high praise.

Watch footage of the new song below.

In other Gambino news, he countersued his old label, Glassnote Entertainment Group, which released all his music before he switched to RCA for “This Is America.” You may recall that back in July news broke that Glassnote was suing Glover over $700,000 in streaming royalties, claiming Glover had been collecting directly from SoundExchange since his licensing agreement with Glassnote expired in late 2017 and that he hadn’t paid the label their expected 50% share.

Now The Hollywood Reporter reports that Glover’s mcDJ Recordings countersued Friday, claiming Glassnote owes him streaming royalties and has been miscalculating costs in breach of their licensing agreement. According to a 2017 audit, Glassnote allegedly owes Glover substantial royalties from the period of July 1, 2014 through Dec. 31, 2016. Glover’s suit also claims that his company owns Childish Gambino’s masters and only licensed them to Glassnote. And he’s seeking punitive damages on the grounds that Glassnote intentionally and maliciously miscalculated distribution fees and producer royalties, underreported international revenues, and misreported manufacturing expenses, among other things.

Lastly, Gambino performed at Rihanna’s Diamond Ball this week (the source of the photo above) and Rihanna was pretty into it.