Kero Kero Bonito – “Make Believe” Video

Kero Kero Bonito, an English group that playfully merges J-pop, twee, alt-rock, and quirky experimental electronics, has become one of our favorite bands over the years. (I can’t believe it’s been three and a half years since we first saw them at SXSW and more than four since our first post on them; time flies, y’all.)

It appears Polyvinyl Records feels a similar affection for KKB. Today the esteemed Illinois label is announcing that they’ve signed the band via the release of a video for their new single, “Make Believe.” Like May’s “Time Today,” the caption indicates it’s from a new album called Time ‘n’ Place, which will apparently be KKB’s Polyvinyl debut. The caption also says the album is “coming v soon,” and their world tour dates kick off at the start of October, so… brace yourself?

Speaking of which, Kero’s “World Tour 2018″ theme song, previously only available on YouTube, is now streaming on Spotify et al as the “Make Believe” B-side. As for “Make Believe” itself, it’s one of the most delightful KKB tracks to date, and it arrives with a video by James Hankins that carries over the aesthetic from the “Time Today” video. Check it out below.

Time ‘n’ Place is out “v soon” on Polyvinyl.