Years & Years – “All For You” Video

We, as a society, pay entirely too much attention to artists who do not dance at all in their music videos. We should all agree to pay much more attention to artists who dance really hard in their music videos — artists like Years & Years frontman Olly Alexander.

Years & Years, the UK dance-pop trio, recently came out with Palo Santo one of the best straight-up pop albums we’ve heard yet this year. The group has been using the album’s music videos to tell some kind of loose story about a futuristic dystopia where people go to cybernetic cabarets to watch pleasurebots dance. Or something. They’ve already done it in videos for “Sanctify” and “If You’re Over Me,” and now they’ve done the same thing in a new clip for “All For You.”

In director Fred Rowson’s “All For You” video, Olly Alexander wears some beautifully insane future-chic outfits and dances like the theater kid he is. It ends in a dance-off with what I believe to be a post-gender robot. Check it out below.

Palo Santo is out now on Polydor.