Watch Sturgill Simpson Talk Working On A Railway, Making His Acting Debut On Seth Meyers

Last night, Sturgill Simpson, the country-music iconoclast — or is it the post-country iconoclast? — was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers. But he wasn’t the musical guest. It’s been more than two years since Simpson released his great major-label debut A Sailor’s Guide To Earth. And while he’s been working on a new record for a while, he didn’t have anything new to play. So instead, he sat down with Meyers to talk.

I somehow missed this when it was announced last week, but Simpson is currently acting on a TV show called One Dollar, an ensemble crime drama for CBS’s subscription service CBS All Access. The show is a mystery, revolving around multiple murders and around the path of a single dollar bill. Simpson plays an out-of-work steelworker who turns to crime.

On Seth Meyers, Simpson talked about the surreal journey to making his acting debut. He also talked about his time working at a railway, about how he’s the first person in his family who wasn’t a coal miner, and about his first time playing New York, at a barbecue restaurant. My friend Jon Caramanica, the New York Times critic, gets a shout out. Below, watch the interview with Meyers and a trailer for One Dollar.

One Dollar is currently airing on CBS All Access.