Gallant – “TOOGOODTOBETRUE” (Feat. Sufjan Stevens & Rebecca Sugar)

R&B singer Gallant first caught our attention when Sufjan Stevens brought him out to help cover Drake’s “Hotline Bling” on tour back when “Hotline Bling” was an inescapable hit, aka late 2015. Gallant kept the momentum going the next year with the release of his excellent full-length debut Ology, and he’s getting ready to follow that up with a new project called This Does Not Fit.

Gallant has already shared three new songs over the course of the past few months — “Gentleman,” “Doesn’t Matter,” and “Haha No One Can Hear You!. And for the latest taste of his new album, he’s tapped an old friend: Sufjan Stevens, who features on new song “TOOGOODTOBETRUE” along with songwriter and Steven Universe creator Rebecca Sugar.

Gallant and Stevens have worked together several times over the years — since going on tour and singing “Hotline Bling” together, they’ve teamed up to cover Sufjan’s own “Blue Bucket Of Gold” for Gallant’s Spotify series In The Room and Prince’s immortal “Purple Rain” at Coachella. But while the pairing may not be new, it’s still a treat to hear Suf using his whispery croon in the context of R&B music. Listen below.

This Does Not Fit is out at the beginning of October.