Styrofoam – “Fully Present” Video

Styrofoam is Belgium’s Arne Van Petegem. Although he spent much of the aughts releasing albums for Morr and Nettwerk, playing in the Notwist’s live band, and opening for the likes of Death Cab For Cutie and Jimmy Eat World, he’s been pretty much MIA since 2010’s Disco Synthesizers & Daily Tranquilizers. That changes today. Van Petegem is back to announce the forthcoming We Can Never Go Home — his first all-instrumental album — and share its opening track “Fully Present.”

The song is a million little staccato glitches all coalescing into one meditative tranquility. It’s impressive when laptop electronica is so lush it makes you want to get away from computers and just go outside. The accompanying video, directed by Van Petegem himself, moves with a similar broken fluidity. A boat inches past an amusement park, and then the Swedish flag blows in the wind. You’re watching all of this from somewhere on the water.

Watch the “Fully Present” video below.

01 “Fully Present”
02 “It Isn’t Real So It Doesn’t Count”
03 “The Crook Of Your Elbow”
04 “Did Your Mouth Buy You This Scar?”
05 “Love Restores Almost Everything”
06 “We Can Never Go Home”
07 “This Terrible And Beautiful World”
08 “Blind Spot Safety Procedure”

We Can Never Go Home is out 10/26 via Sound In Silence. Pre-save it on Spotify here.

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