Georgia – “Mellow” (Feat. Shygirl)

Georgia – “Mellow” (Feat. Shygirl)

The London producer Georgia has been pretty quiet since she released her impressive 2015 debut. Early last year, she shared a one-off song, “Feel It,” and earlier this year she popped up on a Honne track, but other than that the pop deconstructionist has been holed up in the studio. Today, she’s releasing a brand-new track, “Mellow,” which features fellow UK underground dance artist Shygirl, who released a debut EP, Cruel Practice, a couple months ago.

“Mellow” is a deliberately sloppy headrush, an off-kilter sway that mimics the wooziness of a club night where the lights bleed in an abstract blur. Georgia and Shygirl’s vocals are layered on top of each other, melting together to sound threatening and on-edge.

Listen below.

“Mellow” is out now via Domino.

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