Pardison Fontaine – “Backin’ It Up” (Feat. Cardi B) Video

Does it count as ghostwriting if everyone openly acknowledges it? Cardi B has spoken plenty of public stuff about Pardison Fontaine, a rapper who comes from Newburgh, New York, an hour north of NYC. Fontaine has been bouncing around the rap world for a few years, but he’s best-known as Cardi’s close collaborator. She says that she turned to him to help develop her writing voice, and he’s got writing credits on some of her biggest hits. He’s not the reason Cardi is a star now, but he definitely helped.

Today, Fontaine releases his new single “Backin’ It Up,” and Cardi contributes a hard, emphatic verse. The song is a strong, catchy piece of circa-now New York rap, and Fontaine reveals himself to be a solid, capable rapper. He doesn’t have all of Cardi’s star qualities, but he’s got at least some of them. Cardi, meanwhile, breathes fire all over the track. She continues to sound amazing.

The video, from director Kid Art, starts out as a story about Fontaine stealing away some herb’s girlfriend in a pizza parlor. But then Cardi materializes and it just becomes a flexing session. Good stuff! Watch it below.

“Backin’ It Up” is out on the streaming services now.