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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

Someone involved in 2 Chainz’ video for the Drake/Quavo collab “Bigger Than You” really glued an Angry Amish Roadkill beard onto a small child’s face and then told him to act like Murda Beatz. If you’re the person who did this, good job. You killed it. This column goes out to you. This week’s picks are below.

5. The Dodos – “SW3″ (Dir. Ryan Daniel Browne)

My kids are both taking kung fu lessons, and while I don’t know if they’re actually getting anything out of it, it’s fucking awesome to see them try. I wish they’d do it like this, though.

4. Marshmello – “Stars” (Dir. Toby Wosskow)

The triumphant-underdog sports story is fun, but what really draws me in here is the expansion of the whole Marshmello mythology. For instance: Marshmello has two loving parents who are also Marshmellos. He is a fan of a Marshmello soccer star whose name is Melle and who presumably had to overcome the handicap of having a head shape that is not at all conducive to doing headers. But Marshmellos also has Marshmello pillows? There is so much we still have to learn about the connected Marshmello universe.

3. John Grant – “He’s Got His Mother’s Hips” (Dir. Casey & Ewan)

Human faces look fucking weird, man. You know?

2. Jon Hopkins – “Singularity” (Dir. Seb Edwards)

I can pinpoint the exact moment where I knew I was watching something special here, and that is the point where this lady gorilla press slams this motherfucker through a concrete floor. That should happen more often in abandoned-warehouse modern-dance videos.

1. LCD Soundsystem – “Oh Baby” (Dir. Rian Johnson)

In principle, motherfuck a Tidal exclusive. In practice, these guys always do something to draw me back in. This week, it’s commissioning the man who directed Brick and Looper and Star Wars: The Last Jedi (we don’t acknowledge The Brothers Bloom over here) to make a heartrending story about tragic romantic teleportation pioneers David Strathairn and Sissy Spacek. I don’t know who the target audience for this shit is, but I love it, so I guess the target audience is me.