Man Jailed For Pistol Whipping His Friend In Argument Over Bruno Mars Song

Over the weekend, a man in Indiana was jailed after an argument with his friend over a Bruno Mars song. According to the Indianapolis Star, Roger D. Washburn, 71, is facing a charge of battery after the Friday night mishap.

Apparently, Washburn and the man he was arguing with have been friends for 50 years. The man told the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office that they were listening to a song when an argument started over the artist’s identity. His friend believed it to be Bruno Mars. Washburn clearly disagreed.

The debate escalated after the man showed Washburn proof that the song was indeed by Bruno Mars. He told the police that they both stood up and Washburn pulled out a gun.

The man said he called Washburn a “chicken (expletive)” and Washburn swung the weapon at him. The gun went off as it struck him in the face and arm. They tussled again and the gun went off a second time. Nobody was shot. He said they were too shocked to call the police right away, but decided to call a few hours later.

Police went to Washburn’s home, where he admitted to hitting his friend with his .38 revolver. Washburn was taken to the Johnson County Jail on suspicion of battery and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Unfortunately, the police report does not mention whether the song in question was “Uptown Funk” or “That’s What I Like.”

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