Fix Me

Motorola CEO Ed “Screw the Nano” Zander has admitted that the Moto ROKR sucks a little, with six times the return rate of a normal handset:

“We got off to a little bit of a rough start,” Zander said in an interview after Motorola reported on Oct. 18 that third- quarter profit tripled, driven by more-popular phones such as the Razr. “People were looking for an iPod and that’s not what it is. We may have missed the marketing message there.” […] Apple, on its Web site, advertises that the firm’s iTunes software can link to the phone. The program has “compatibility bugs,” [analyst Albert] Lin said.

Also, using a dead man in the commercial for a cheap fat joke might have hurt, too. Or I hope it did. (via PaidContent)

Also in today’s apology roundup, the Onion parodies NME with an article entitled “Chris Martin says Coldplay’s lyrics will get better“. [checks URL] Oh, huh. I guess that Chris Martin really did admit that putting out three albums was only practice for writing something good.

Speaking yesterday (October 24) to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, Martin claimed: “One thing we’re working on is our lyrics. They’re about to get brilliant.

“I don’t want to go on about what we’re about to do but we’re about to get a lot better and part of that is lyrically.”

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