Dave Chappelle To Play The Voice Inside T.I.’s Head On New Album

A couple of weeks ago, T.I. came out with a new single, the triumphant Meek Mill collab “Jefe.” The track opens with the voice of Dave Chappelle, declaiming, “no more apologies for being excellent.” I figured this was a sample from some old stand-up routine that I didn’t recognize. Nope! It turns out it was one of many things that Chappelle recorded specifically for T.I.’s new album.

Chappelle’s been going through a long public reemergence lately. He’s had some high-profile Netflix stand-up specials. He’s in Bradley Cooper’s new A Star Is Born movie, dispensing sage advice in the trailer. He’s showing up at awards shows. And now he’s playing the voice inside T.I.’s head on Tip’s new album. (I truly wish that the voice inside my own head sounded like Dave Chappelle — or, for that matter, like T.I.)

The FADER reports that T.I. has promised that his new LP The Dime Trap and that Chappelle is starring as T.I.’s own internal voice. Below, listen to “Jefe,” which features some of that Chappelle narration and T.I. rapping the line “David Chappelle told me you niggas is funny as hell.”