Kanye Gives Awkward Pro-Trump Speech After SNL Ends Broadcast

Kanye Gives Awkward Pro-Trump Speech After SNL Ends Broadcast

Musical guests on Saturday Night Live basically always perform two songs: One just after midnight, another just before the end of the show. But Kanye West is unorthodox in many ways, and his gig on SNL’s season premiere tonight was unorthodox too. After performing “I Love It” with Lil Pump and “We Got Love” with Teyana Taylor, Ye snuck in one more performance after host Adam Driver’s farewell spiel. And it was a much bigger production than the other two.

Fulfilling the pre-show reports that Pump, Teyana, Kid Cudi, and 070 Shake would join him on SNL, Kanye performed Ye centerpiece “Ghost Town” alongside Cudi, Shake, and a large backing band. The performance was cut off around the time 070 Shake launched into her star-making guest verse, but it felt much bigger and better than the other two performances, like more of an event. This being 2018, Kanye still had to taint it by rocking a MAGA hat, his new favored headgear.

Speaking of which: After the show, Kanye remained on stage to give a speech about Donald Trump, how SNL “bullied” him about his hat, and his plans to run for president (presumably against Trump?) in 2020. You can see footage of the speech via Chris Rock’s Instagram Story and a backstage monitor recording, along with the “Ghost Town” performance, below.

If you’re wondering where Kanye’s new album Yandhi is, it wasn’t out yet as of the end of the show — assuming you still want to hear it in light of its guest features and Kanye’s general demeanor lately.

UPDATE: Donald Trump tweeted about Kanye’s choice to wear a MAGA hat on SNL “despite being told ‘no.'” Trump tweeted, “He’s leading the charge!” Kanye also says he’ll be back on SNL … to host.

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