John Peel’s Favorite Singles

John Peel's thoughts on John PeelBy way of Pete’s Linklog, I see that The Times has compiled the coolest playlist ever, John Peel’s:

John Peel’s record collection threatened to overtake his Suffolk home. But in a small, battered wooden box, the much-loved DJ kept a precious selection of 7-inch singles that meant more to him than any of the others. Here is an exclusive insight into the full list of 142 singles

They should put lossless copies of all of these on a Nano and sell it for an extra hundred bucks to fund his favorite charity. Even the 7″ entitled “Marc Bolan talking to Stevie Dixon.”

The biggest surprise? That there are ten White Stripes singles in that thar box of 142. And The Wildbunch’s “Danger” single. And “The Henchmen featuring Jack White”. Take that, all other music ever.

(Pete suggests collecting all of these singles into one big torrent and sharing it with the music-loving world…does anyone want to kick this off? This is as good a place to start as any…does anyone have some of the more obscure stuff on there?)