Watch The National Soundtrack A Dance Performance On Fallon

Post Malone was a guest on The Tonight Show last night. He talked about his tattoos, his friendship with Justin Bieber, and his habit of going to the Olive Garden to “celebrate life.” He played a few seconds of the song he contributed to the soundtrack of the new animated Spider-Man movie. (We’re already building up to that, since everyone has apparently already abandoned all hope that Venom will be any good.) We’re not going to post the Post Malone videos. I’m just mentioning it to ask: Do you think Post Malone met the National in the Tonight Show green room? Do you think they had anything to say to each other? And why can’t we see that hypothetical conversation, at least in a YouTube clip?

It’s been more than a year since the National released their Sleep Well Beast album, and they’ve already reached the point where they’re trying out new songs onstage. So they don’t really need to stay in promo mode. They did all that when the album came out. But they did something last night to make their Tonight Show performance special: They brought dancers with them.

The National’s “Dark Side Of The Gym” video is a simple and beautiful clip of two dancers pirouetting across the floor of a high-school gym after a big dance. And for the Tonight Show performance, the National played behind the NYC Ballet’s Justin Peck, who choreographed that video, and Patricia Delgado, who danced in it. The dancers were lovely, but it was a bit weird seeing the National, a perfectly compelling live band, playing backup to two other people during their own musical-guest spot, never getting a close-up themselves. Watch the performance below.

Sleep Well Beast is out now on 4AD.