Watch Lindsey Buckingham Play A Couple Of Solo Songs On Kimmel

Watch Lindsey Buckingham Play A Couple Of Solo Songs On Kimmel

Lindsey Buckingham is making the best out of bad situation. A few months ago, Fleetwood Mac, Buckingham’s longtime band, fired him. (They framed it as a parting of ways, but all reports seem to indicate that the band kicked Buckingham out when they couldn’t come to an agreement over some touring issue.) Right now, Fleetwood Mac are back to playing shows, and they’ve got the Heartbreakers’ Mike Campbell and Crowded House’s Neil Finn filling in for Buckingham. And so now Buckingham is off on his own. At least he’s still getting solo gigs on late-night shows.

Later this fall, Buckingham will release Solo Anthology, a box-set best-of collection that’ll chronicle his solo career and feature some new shows. He’s also touring on his own. And last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Buckingham was the musical guest, and he played a couple of his old solo jams.

On the show proper, Buckingham played “Trouble,” a single from his 1981 album Law And Order. And as an online bonus, he also did “Soul Drifter,” from 1992’s Out Of The Cradle. Neither song is a beloved classic, exactly, but both gave Buckingham chances to show off his nicely wizened voice and his prodigious guitar skills. Watch both performances below.

Solo Anthology is out 11/23 on Rhino/Warner Bros.

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