Watch Arctic Monkeys Play “One Point Perspective” On James Corden

As long as the overexcited British theater dork James Corden has a television show, the arch and foxy British lounge lizards Arctic Monkeys will have a place to play. Less than five months ago, Arctic Monkeys were the musical guests on Corden’s Late Late Show; they played “She Looks Like Fun.” And last night, they were back on Corden’s show, doing the sprawling and self-aware “One Point Perspective.” I wonder if Corden tries to get the Arctic Monkeys booked on his show once a week, like the kid who invites his coolest classmate over to his house every afternoon after school.

In any case, the Arctic Monkeys are still on the promo tour behind their divisive and winky sci-fi concept album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. That album is months old now, but I heard one of its songs playing over the Barnes & Noble speakers earlier this week, so I guess it still has some legs. And people are still showing up in the Stereogum comments section to argue that the album is better than it is, so maybe you’ll like the performance.

The bad news is that Alex Turner still has the goatee. The good news is that he’s still better looking than any of us. Watch the performance below.

Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino is out now on Domino.