Conan O’Brien Says Goodbye To His House Band In Final Hour-Long Show

Earlier this year, TBS announced that the late-night talk show Conan would be transitioning from an hour-long show to a half-hour format. With that time cut, the show is abandoning regular musical performances and, as part of that, is also saying goodbye to its house band. Last night, Conan aired its final hour-long show — it’ll be back from hiatus in January — and Conan O’Brien devoted a large chunk of the show to giving his house band a proper farewell.

The band, known as Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band, has been with Conan in its current iteration since he joined the TBS lineup in 2010. Before that, his house band was led by E Street Band drummer Max Weinberg, though many of the same members cycled in and out. The band even played Conan’s wedding.

“There are many, many changes coming up that I’m very excited about, but to be really honest and very frank, there’s one change on the horizon that makes me quite sad,” O’Brien said. “In January, when our show transitions to the new half-hour format, our band will not be with us. Since we began this journey 25 years ago, my band has been a daily source of joy in my life. These remarkable musicians have given their talent, energy, enthusiasm, and incredible showmanship for over 4,000 hours.”

Jimmy Vivino & the Basic Cable Band played for one last time on the show, and O’Brien joined them for a Chuck Berry cover. Watch below.