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The 5 Best Videos Of The Week

I’ve been writing this column for I don’t even know how many years now, and this week marks the first time that most of the list is made up of stuff that’s more than a week old. This week, three of the five videos on the list are videos that I missed last week, videos that people posted in the comments section of last week’s column. So once again: Thank you to everyone who does that. I can’t keep track of all this shit by myself. This week’s picks are below.

5. Juice WRLD – “Black & White” (Dir. RJ Sanchez)

Mostly, this video isn’t all that special. But during the part where Juice WRLD says he’s doing cocaine with his black friends, there’s a bit where someone throws coke up in the air like LeBron at the beginning of a game. That, by itself, is enough to get this video onto this week’s list.

4. Tobe Nwigwe – “Growth” (Dir. Kwabana Baudu)

It’s all so deliberate: The camera movements, the choreography, the way light comes in through the window, the way this dude looks at the camera, everything. Let’s all try to bring this level of intention to whatever we’re doing.

3. Tropical Fuck Storm – “The Future Of History”

Gary Kasparov goes straight from his historic 1997 chess match with the supercomputer Deep Blue into a futuristic Terminator-hellscape battle against a giant Furby. Sounds about right! I’m from the ’90s, so I’m pretty sure I had this dream, too.

2. Anthony Roth Costanzo – “Liquid Days” (Dir. Mark Romanek)

Yes. Yes, you would like to see an exquisitely framed street-dance performance set to a Philip Glass composition, from the guy who directed the “99 Problems” video. It’s a shame that old-school movie musicals don’t exist anymore, since Myles Yachts clearly needs to become the new Gene Kelly.

1. The Breeders – “Spacewoman” (Dir. Richard Ayoade)

It feels like we’re about four months away from everything we see in this gorgeous Children Of Men long-take coming to pass, so all we can do his hope that Kim and Kelley Deal really can open up the space portal or whatever.