Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments

A Star Is Born looks corny and I didn’t plan to see it, but Gabriela liked it and Chris liked it and James liked the first 45 minutes, so maybe I will. Let’s not talk about A Star Is Born in the comments, though. I will only allow comments about Fucked Up or Fucked Up.


#10  storkknees
Score:33 | Sep 28th

The weird thing about the Beach Boys number ones is that it captures every side of the band. I Get Around- great, Help Me Rhonda- good, Good Vibrations- fucking genius, and Kokomo- just the worst thing ever

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#9  Guy Incognito
Score:34 | Oct 3rd

I feel like this is almost a personal shoutout to me, as I pronounced it “Masseducation” far longer than I’d care to admit.

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#8  sandro
Score:34 | Oct 4th

Only now, after this comment,do I see what a stupid piece of shit I can be when I’m commenting on music I don’t care about. Sorry for being they way I am sometimes guys and girls. Thanks for making me realise, through example, that I shouldn’t be a dick inthedeadofknight.

I’m not going to listen to this. Waiting for the full album. But I’m sure it’s gonna be great

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#7  YBB
Score:37 | Sep 30th

Imma hijack this thread to tell more stories of my newly purchased murder weapon/gardening implement.

This evening, I used the mattock to break up some gnarly chunks of hyper-compacted, clay-heavy earth in order to plant a Japanese maple. (‘Gum horticulturists: we’ll see how it does in a spot where it gets only ~4 hours of direct sunlight per day.) I tilled in better soil that had been fortified with fertilizer; hooked up a drip line with a 3 gallons/hour dripper (which runs 72 minutes a week, for a total of 3.6 gallons/week); and covered it nicely with mulch to keep as much moisture in the roots as possible.

While I was doing the digging, I put this on:

Mrs. YBB actually called my phone while I was working, even though I was just outside the bedroom window. “Can you please listen to something else?”

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#6  cokeparty
Score:39 | Sep 30th

Kids See Posts

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#5  brokeaccount
Score:39 | Oct 1st

How about some music journalists actually take a stand and don’t stay up the night before thanksgiving in order to help promote a narcissistic misogynist’s new album featuring a convicited child pornographer and a domestic abuser?

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#4  J. Gladney
Score:40 | Sep 29th

Couldn’t pass up a chance to use Korn font

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#3  storkknees
Score:40 | Sep 28th

There it is, the best song to ever hit number one.

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#2  blochead
Score:42 | Oct 2nd

I’ll grant you this is a good song. But I don’t see how this connects to Kanye in any way. Pull your head out of your ass, Stereogum

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#5  apricot
Score:-20 | Sep 30th

Americans and their toxic political tribalism. I dunno.

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Ben BeeBell
Score:-35 | Oct 1st

This is the best the Democrats can come up with? Geez, this just pathetic.

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#3  inthedeadofknight
Score:-45 | Oct 4th

I hate this less than I hate all of his other songs, but I’ll still never listen to it again.

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Koel Goldstein
Score:-46 | Sep 30th

I’m a fan of your voice but that’s it. Spineless Lana, you stand for nothing. Pulled out of an Israeli festival because of backlash. Too scared to stand for your own beliefs, and now you attach Kanye for thinking for himself. Remember when everyone was criticizing you, calling you all sorts of names after your SNL performance? Those same people are now calling Kanye all sorts of names after his SNL performance. No one is allowed to think differently in this country.

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Ben BeeBell
Score:-48 | Oct 1st

Stay strong Brett. A countless number of unborn children are rooting for you.

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Score:24 | Oct 2nd

i guess scarjo turned it down…

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