Domino’s Delivery Guy Who Saved A Kidnapped Woman And Gave TV Interviews In A Taylor Swift Hoodie Got To Meet Taylor Swift Last Night

A Domino’s Pizza delivery guy was hailed as a hero last week after he helped save a woman being held hostage in her own home by an abusive ex-boyfriend. Joseph Grundl was handing the pizza over to a couple in Waldo, Wisconsin when he noticed that something wasn’t right.

“I showed up, it was a normal delivery, and saw this middle-aged couple,” Grundl, 24, told NBC News. “The guy answers the door and I hand over the pizza, when I noticed that the woman behind him, who turned out to be his ex, had a black eye.”

“She mouthed ‘help me’ to me and then after when the guy left to get money and she mouthed ‘call the police,” Grundl explained. “This was just as I was about to leave. I left and then when I got back to the restaurant, which is about an 8-minute drive away, I dialed 911.”

Upon arriving at the scene, a sheriff’s deputy saw the man trying to stop the woman from opening the door. He had arrived at her home uninvited and assaulted her when she threatened to call the police, tying her up and gagging her with a towel. He was arrested on charges of strangulation and suffocation, false imprisonment, battery, intimidation of a victim, and burglary.

When interviewed by TV news stations about his role in the woman’s rescue, Grundl spoke while wearing a Taylor Swift Reputation hoodie. And it seems that Swift took notice, because tonight, Grundl posted a picture of himself hugging Swift at her concert in Arlington, Texas last night. Presumably, Swift’s people flew him out to Texas or at least gave him a ticket.

Pop-country star Maren Morris, who was born in Arlington, also made a surprise appearance at last night’s show. Tonight is the last stop of Swift’s US tour.