Kacey Musgraves Returns To Ellen To Play “Happy & Sad” And Get Scared By A Hannah Montana Lookalike

Kacey Musgraves will appear on tomorrow’s episode of Ellen. Six months ago, she went on the show to play “High Horse.” For tomorrow’s appearance, the country star performs “Happy & Sad” from her fantastic album Golden Hour.

In a clip from the episode, Ellen congratulates Musgraves on her CMA Awards Album Of The Year nomination. She’s the only female nominee in the category. Musgraves tells Ellen about getting her start in Nashville and how she used to dress up and perform as Hannah Montana, the titular character from Miley Cyrus’ old Disney Channel show, at children’s birthday parties. Just as she’s finishing the anecdote, “Hannah Montana” (one of Ellen’s staff members in a blonde wig) pops out of a box. Watch below.